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Thursday, August 31, 2006

50. How To Find A Husband

SHE'S scoured Britain to find Mr Right but after 70 dates in 70 days, singleton Sally Gray is more certain than ever he lives in Scotland.

Sally came up with the idea to lay bare her personal life because with the big four-oh looming, she decided the only way to find her soulmate was to launch a very public search for him.

She added: "I felt drastic measures were required. I'm 37, still single and I don't know why." Read More.

I'll tell you why, dear; because you have DESPERATE written all over you!

OK it's for TV, but I remember someone on Oprah once, who declared she was on a mission to find a husband. And everyone was making fun of her. No-one took her seriously. And let's face it, what sort of a catch would he be, if he did?

49. Puppy Dating

"What is the world's most effective chatup line? Well, how about this one: "Your bitch is adorable. Perhaps we should meet up in the park some time."

As a romantic overture, it sounds like an unpromising opener. But judging by a raft of high-profile couples, it has a remarkable success rate. For in the 21st century dating game, owning a dog has become a sure-fire way to find a human mate."

So says MELANIE CABLE-ALEXANDER of the Daily Mail UK. Read More.

I've always known this concept to be true, but only up to a point, because when I go dog-walking I end up spending most of the time talking to old ladies!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

48. An Irish Single in London

"ARE you single, Irish and living in Britain?

Then a new Irish internet dating agency might be just what you are looking for. Eiresingles.com is one of the latest on-line agencies which has taken the dating scene by storm." Read More.

47. Speed Dating in Des Moines Iwoa

Plenty of time to get your glad rags on and join the party!
It's on Friday September 8th, and is organized by Cupid.com/PreDating
For more click Here.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

46. More Savage Chickens!

I couldn't resist putting the other Speed Dating Chickens cartoon up here, courtesy of Doug Savage at:

I think I've got the hang of them; the one on the left is usually the optimist, and the one on the right is usually the cynic, and I suspect reflects the views of the artist himself!

There are also guest appearances from a cat that someone said looked like Batman, and a generic 'slave driver boss' represented as a robot with a wooden stick with a nail in it. How else could a cartoon character portray emotionless evil? Perfect.

45. And now HIS turn

The male reporter’s account is even worse! I love how he considers the only woman to be ‘smarter’ than him is a scientist. And I don’t normally amend people’s spelling and grammar, but for a reporter he should know that it’s ‘egotism’ not ‘egoism’.

44. Speed Dating - Quick to Judge

Over at BankokRecorder.com, Frankie Moocho says;
"I was looking forward to my speed dating assignment like I would the prospect of stabbing out my own eyes."

Then she gives her account of what happened as she went on a Speed Date as an undercover reporter.

What she didn't anticipate was the comment she acquired from 'cjungle'

"So you met some "half-decent" and "marginally" interesting men. That's great , but what makes you so interesting? You sound like the last person I'd like to meet: a depressed and gloomy alcoholic, quick to put prejudice others."

So apart from wondering which of the men are marriedat these events, you're left wondering which of the women are journalists. They're still all paying customers though!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

43. Are you picky about who you date?

“Do you, or any of your friends, have an irrational and inexplicable prejudice about dating? Would you never dream of dating a Geordie or a Cockney? Are you a Northern boy who would never date a Southern girl? Are you so opinionated that you’d never go out with someone who does a particular job or lives a certain lifestyle?”

Looks like I’ve found the original TV station looking for singles in the UK, as opposed to an agent. Strange though that they ask for different details, unless there is more than one TV company doing the same type of show. Anyway, here are the details just in case they are different.

42. Singles’ Bill of Rights

When you’re in a relationship it’s easy to forget what it was like to be single. Journalist Amy Berkowitz has come up with this ‘Bill of Rights’ that should be passed for the sake of single people everywhere. It made me chuckle, but actually it holds some truth in it.

41. Lovesick Potato

Ever since I started this Speed Dating Business blog, my friends have been sending me snippets of information. Lots of photos, videos, cartoons etc. I’ve been sent lots of pictures of hearts, etc, even though I plumped for my own superb Heart illustration (!) for most of my posts (copyright, yada yada… throw you in jail, etc…!!)

But now - even my groceries want to get in on the act! I wanted a baked potato for my lunch but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat this little fella.

Is it really a heart shaped potato? Or is it just me seeing hearts everywhere?! There’ll be in the clouds, in the tea leaves, in the garbage, in the soap suds…

Monday, August 07, 2006

40. Themed Speed Dating Events

Do you have a particular interest, hobby or obsession? Then why not set up themed Speed Dating events for people with just those interests?

I know of one person who was an artist, not commercial or anything, he just loved painting so he wanted to meet other people who also loved to paint. He made a suggestion to his friends and they held a one-off Speed Dating event for artists.

But it would make sense for you to do this on a regular basis using a subject or theme you know a lot about. It could be writers, rat fanciers, classic car owners, Star Trek fanatics, film memorabilia collectors, artists, amateur photographers, anything at all! You’d have to do some research to make sure there were enough single people in that group in your area, and finely target your market.

Or if you are in a minority group, wouldn’t it make sense to have a Speed Dating Business just for people like you? Say, you’re disabled for example, how reassuring would it be for other disabled people to have you running such an event?

That would be your unique selling point, and you could build your own brand name, by becoming the specialists in that area. There are no limits to what you can do!

39. Singles wanted for TV Speed Dating event!

UK TV wants singles for Speed Dating. I expect that will be free then, but you’ll be on TV. But then again as the website’s called BeOnScreen.com most of the visitors are going to want to be on TV anyway.

“Singles wanted for TV Speed Dating event.TV show looking for singletons in their 20's and 30's in the Bristol / Bath area, to take part in a speed dating event for a new entertainment programme. So if you have a GSOH and an outgoing nature we want to hear from you.Apply now, and don't forget to tell us about your last dating disaster.”

It’s the disaster on TV I’d be concerned about!

38. Speed Dating Aliens and Predators

I love these mini stories by Bernie Hou, featuring his favorite sci-fi characters; Alien and Predator. Check out his site at
The last one he did on Speed Dating was a bit too rude for this blog, but this is ok! Click on the image to see it full size.

How many times have you been chatted up by something that looks like this, girls? Even if you manage to avoid getting lumped with an alien, you could still end up with a predator.

Friday, August 04, 2006


“What do you do after you try speed dating but find that you can't even hold a conversation for a mere three minutes? A dude in New York has come up with a perfect solution in what he calls Eye Gazing Parties.

This is remarkably similar to the speed-dating concept, except for the fact that you don't actually say anything to the new singles you meet. Instead, you gaze into each other's eyes while trying not to feel incredibly stupid. Check out EyeGazingParties.com, where it's claimed that "the eye gazing has an electrifying effect on the party; simply put, three minutes of eye contact is the Cadillac of ice breakers."
- says Andreas Ohrt of www.westender.com

That’s fine but I once gazed into a fella’s eyes at a nightclub. I thought he was the sexiest creature I’d ever seen until he started speaking. It was instantly clear that this poor man had had a recent labotomy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

36. Speed Dating is Magic

Professor Wiseman, the comedy magician and social psychologist is currently studying fraud and deception within Speed Dating. It will be interesting to hear the results.

I’ve always followed his career on TV and radio after hearing about the Laugh Lab experiment he was involved with in 2001, where they tried to find the funniest joke ever. I remember they said all jokes involving a duck will never fail to get laughs. And I’ve never been able to prove them wrong!