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Monday, August 07, 2006

40. Themed Speed Dating Events

Do you have a particular interest, hobby or obsession? Then why not set up themed Speed Dating events for people with just those interests?

I know of one person who was an artist, not commercial or anything, he just loved painting so he wanted to meet other people who also loved to paint. He made a suggestion to his friends and they held a one-off Speed Dating event for artists.

But it would make sense for you to do this on a regular basis using a subject or theme you know a lot about. It could be writers, rat fanciers, classic car owners, Star Trek fanatics, film memorabilia collectors, artists, amateur photographers, anything at all! You’d have to do some research to make sure there were enough single people in that group in your area, and finely target your market.

Or if you are in a minority group, wouldn’t it make sense to have a Speed Dating Business just for people like you? Say, you’re disabled for example, how reassuring would it be for other disabled people to have you running such an event?

That would be your unique selling point, and you could build your own brand name, by becoming the specialists in that area. There are no limits to what you can do!


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