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Thursday, July 20, 2006

6. Speed Dating Doesn't Exist!

It’s true! The term Speed Dating has yet to find its way into any dictionary that I can find. Yet it has been going on for over five years now. Whilst looking in one online dictionary, it very helpfully asked if perhaps I was mistaken, and actually wanted to look up:
1. speedboating
2. spattering
3. sceptering
4. speedballing
5. suppurating
6. spatting
7. sputtering
8. sceptring
9. speed skating
10. speed-reading

Heck, I only knew what half of them were!

5. Speed Dating Video

If you fancy having your own Speed Dating business, maybe it’s because you’ve been speed dating yourself and know how much fun it can be, or maybe you’ve only seen a charity or college speed dating event. For those of you who haven’t actually seen a real speed dating event, here’s an example of one couple who agreed to be filmed by the Nashville Fun Police. I wonder if they were a match for each other! Watch the video Here.