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Monday, July 24, 2006

12. Free Speed Dating in Japan

Speed Dating is so effective at getting results that in Japan where the population is falling, the government is helping to pay for citizens to go speed dating in a battle to produce more children for the country.

In the last 10 years alone, over 2000 schools have closed because there are not enough children to fill them. Read More.

11. What Men and Women Want

Do men and women want the same things from Speed Dating? In traditional dating circles such as personal ads on and offline, women are reported to want love and commitment, whereas men mostly want sex. In fact an awful lot of male online daters are reported to be cheating husbands.

But what about the figures for Speed Dating? People cannot remain anonymous for any length of time before the dating process, so hopefully the statistics will be different.

Cartoon by Alex Hallatt of http://www.moontoon.com/

10. How Long For a Speed Date?

Tom Jaffe, who I mentioned earlier also made an interesting comment on speed dating behavior, stating that 3 minutes is nowhere near enough time to find out if you like someone. Read more. (scroll right down to see Tom’s comment, but all the comments are interesting).

There are plenty of Speed Dating companies offering only 2 and 3 minutes for each couple, but it would take me that long to ask my first question! Ok - to answer my first question! No seriously, 6 minutes is widely considered to be the minumum to make a fair assessment on someone, and of course Tom says it should be 8 minutes. He says that research shows that 3 minutes may be long enough to decide if you don't like someone, but not enough time to decide if we do like someone.

I deduce two things from that: a) We are a very negative and judgemental species! And b) Companies that offer 2 and 3 minute dates to people must have fewer success stories. But they are looking for the quick dollar, not the long-term dollar. Obviously they are restricting people to 2 and 3 minutes so they can cram in as many hopefuls as possible. Sheer Greed.

In fact, according to newscom.com it is found that 64% of single women on a normal date decide if a man is worth a second date in less than eight minutes, so I think Tom is right to state eight minutes. And in my opinion it should be an absolute minimum of six minutes.