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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

17. Bar Bill Etiquette When Speed Dating

Most Speed Dating companies have either a break in the middle of the event where you can buy drinks, or at the end. They also offer free drinks to begin with, and you should too as part of your hopitality. But who is responsible for paying for the drinks later; the man or the woman?

Men usually always buy the first drink, and in other types of dates, they usually always buy the first meals. See this report by cbs.news.com Here.

In this video the waitress interviewed diplomatically says she always places the check directly in the middle of the two dating couples, and to never assume anything!

CBS News say that it’s still widely accepted that the man should pay the bill at a restaurant, as it is seen as impolite if they don’t. But they are happy for the lady to pay or go halves on subsequent dates.

So it is perfectly acceptable for the guy to pay for the drinks, which probably means that it is more expensive for men than woman to go speed dating, but then isn’t that the same everywhere else? They don’t mind as long as women don’t take liberties, which according to CBS News, they don’t.

16. Drinking after a Speed Date

So your customers only have six to eight minutes to chat - officially. But they can chat all they want after the event, right? Maybe. It isn’t wise to drink a lot of course, because they want to create a good impression, and still be in control.

As a Speed Dating Host you will quickly find a pattern emerging whenever the speed dating session is over and your customers head for the bar. The tallest, most handsome men will be chatting to the tallest, prettiest women, and for a few seconds all the others will try to talk to them but then give up and settle for what’s left. And the less popular people will also find each other to chat with, though with one eye still on the person they want to talk to!

John Cleese and Liz Hurley once made a documentary called The Human Face. It was a very interesting study of how people are attracted to attractive people, but how most people actually end up with people most like themselves.

To demonstrate this, ten women and ten men were given a number that was pinned to their back. They were skaters in an ice rink, and they did not know what number they themselves were. They each had to pair up with the highest number possible, the highest number being 1 and the lowest being 20.

Within seconds everyone descended upon number one, and that person immediately knew what number they were, and therefore sought out number 2 who wasn’t going to accept a lower number.

After only a few minutes number 1 ended up with number 2, number 3 with 4, and number 5 with 6, etc. This is what we do with attractiveness. We seek out the most attractive. This isn’t always just about looks, but in a very short space of time to get to know each other, such as at Speed Dates, it is mostly about looks.

15. Speed Dating on Ice

London PR company Cirkle (www.Cirkle.com) are hosting the event for charity on Saturday 29th July. The ticket price is £20 and includes skate hire. I guess for some, that really will be Speed Dating. For others it will be 'Fall over, hurt your bum, and move your hands outta the way quick - dating'!

I’m not quite sure what the logistics of the daters will be, but then I think it’s more for a laugh than finding true love. In my experience of skating rinks, unless both people are good skaters, it’s very difficult to hold a conversation whilst zooming round. Maybe success depends on how gallantly they offer to pull you to your feet! Read more Here.

14. Building Trust in your Speed Dating Company

After reading a lot on groups and forums on the subject of Speed Dating, it has come to my attention that there have been a few Speed dating scams. It seems that one company bribed women who were not single into going on speed dates, just to get men to register, and to get their money. Traditional dating sites would have people sign up using models’ photos in order to lead to later extortion of money.

I think the key here is to instill trust in your potential customers. As a customer, they will want to hear about testimonials. The more proof you have, the better. One way to validate testimonials could be through outside publicity. Write Press Releases. Call up your local TV company and get them to film an event, (participants willing) and also find people who are willing to provide evidence of their success stories, preferably on camera.

I always like to provide links to statements I find, but in this case one company would be identified, and there is no guarantee that the information is true, as they are from members of the public, and in one case the info is two years old. My point was, that people will read and believe these stories whether or not they are true, so you need to be (and appear to be) as professional and genuine as possible.

13. A Comedy Video on Speed Dating

Here’s a comedy take on Speed Dating – one of the better quality ones I’ve found, I hasten to add! This guy reminds me of my brother – a complete lunatic!

Well done George! Watch the video Here.