Have Your Own Speed Dating Business

How Anyone Can Have Their Own Speed Dating Business. Hours To Suit. Very little Start-Up Costs. Lots of Fun. Be a Speed Dating Entrepreneur!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

20. Put your customers at ease

Don’t be nervous, because you’ll make your customers nervous, and it’s natural for them to be a bit nervous anyway. Always hand out tips, or suggest they print out such a page on your website.

Give them a list of recommended questions that they could ask, and ideally have an answer to. We will help you out with these if you’re stuck, so then hopefully none of your clients will be in the situation of the poor French lady in the cartoon, courtesy of www.maghreb-in.com (She’s saying it’s the longest 6 minutes of her life!)

19. Charity Speed Dating Events

Lots of organizations put on Speed Dating events for charity, but very few are run by professional Speed Dating companies. They are usually held in social clubs, church halls, or schools and colleges.

Why not pick a local big event that will attract lots of people, such as a large fair or festival, and organize speed dating for charity within the large event. It could be a charity event itself, then they will welcome you with open arms. As well as being able to give back, you will have a great time, and promote your company at the same time.

You could give discount vouchers away to the crowds for future paid events. Have photos on exhibition boards to show how professional you are. Have balloons made if you can afford it, and whatever other promotional items you can come up with. Printing firms may reduce their rates for you if it’s for charity, as they can claim that money back. You need to be cheeky and ASK as many people and firms to help out. Just find out what events are coming up well in advance, then get on the phone and start dialling!

18. Speed Dating Event captured on TV

Another look at how other companies are approaching Speed Dating. I like the idea that it’s the guys who move around, whilst the ladies wait to be swept off their feet – aah, I’m such a romantic! Or am I just lazy?!!

Here's the Video.

Love those luminous tables - reminds me of a 70s dancefloor. And of course, everyone looks gorgeous in dim lighting!