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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

34. Speed Dating Commercial

This video is a commercial for Speed Dating Company HurryDate. You could make your own ads like this one. I think it certainly captures the essence of the relaxed, fun interaction, although none of the attendees are dressed up - they all seem to be wearing jeans.

Different companies suggest different things on what to wear, but this could be specifically a casual or student event. All I'm thinking of is the ticket price! If you have high class events, you can charge top whack for the tickets!

33. Skype Dating!

Of course! It can’t be that far away now. People who have webcams could do it already, but there’d be no policing, nor organization. It would take a descerning client to realize the advantages in paying for a professional service provided by a Speed Dating company.

The rules could be the same as in real life. You have events for certain age groups, and set a fixed time for each interaction to take place, but instead of having a bell ring at the end of your six or so minutes, you’d be given a 10 second countdown and then be cut off! Then given a quick online form to fill in; ‘Did your heart skip a beat?’ or ‘Did you need a bucket?’ – that sort of thing, and on to the next person.

Your clients could be given the results of your dating within seconds of it ending, instead of you having to input all the data and contacting everybody the next day.

Not sure I agree with Rob when he says
“Of course, the website is free for events less than 30 minutes with 10 or fewer people...” Nope! That could be chargeable too. That would be six minutes per interaction, and you could have it so there are NEVER fewer than 10 people. Just have some amazing marketing strategy, then you’ll be turning people away in their droves.

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