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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

46. More Savage Chickens!

I couldn't resist putting the other Speed Dating Chickens cartoon up here, courtesy of Doug Savage at:

I think I've got the hang of them; the one on the left is usually the optimist, and the one on the right is usually the cynic, and I suspect reflects the views of the artist himself!

There are also guest appearances from a cat that someone said looked like Batman, and a generic 'slave driver boss' represented as a robot with a wooden stick with a nail in it. How else could a cartoon character portray emotionless evil? Perfect.

45. And now HIS turn

The male reporter’s account is even worse! I love how he considers the only woman to be ‘smarter’ than him is a scientist. And I don’t normally amend people’s spelling and grammar, but for a reporter he should know that it’s ‘egotism’ not ‘egoism’.

44. Speed Dating - Quick to Judge

Over at BankokRecorder.com, Frankie Moocho says;
"I was looking forward to my speed dating assignment like I would the prospect of stabbing out my own eyes."

Then she gives her account of what happened as she went on a Speed Date as an undercover reporter.

What she didn't anticipate was the comment she acquired from 'cjungle'

"So you met some "half-decent" and "marginally" interesting men. That's great , but what makes you so interesting? You sound like the last person I'd like to meet: a depressed and gloomy alcoholic, quick to put prejudice others."

So apart from wondering which of the men are marriedat these events, you're left wondering which of the women are journalists. They're still all paying customers though!