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Thursday, August 31, 2006

50. How To Find A Husband

SHE'S scoured Britain to find Mr Right but after 70 dates in 70 days, singleton Sally Gray is more certain than ever he lives in Scotland.

Sally came up with the idea to lay bare her personal life because with the big four-oh looming, she decided the only way to find her soulmate was to launch a very public search for him.

She added: "I felt drastic measures were required. I'm 37, still single and I don't know why." Read More.

I'll tell you why, dear; because you have DESPERATE written all over you!

OK it's for TV, but I remember someone on Oprah once, who declared she was on a mission to find a husband. And everyone was making fun of her. No-one took her seriously. And let's face it, what sort of a catch would he be, if he did?

49. Puppy Dating

"What is the world's most effective chatup line? Well, how about this one: "Your bitch is adorable. Perhaps we should meet up in the park some time."

As a romantic overture, it sounds like an unpromising opener. But judging by a raft of high-profile couples, it has a remarkable success rate. For in the 21st century dating game, owning a dog has become a sure-fire way to find a human mate."

So says MELANIE CABLE-ALEXANDER of the Daily Mail UK. Read More.

I've always known this concept to be true, but only up to a point, because when I go dog-walking I end up spending most of the time talking to old ladies!